Benefits of your Donations

Benefits of your Donations
Posted: Feb.13.2013
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2.5 million Ugandan orphans are living in abject poverty.
These orphans and abandoned children have no means of meeting their basic needs, no education, and no hope for a future. Without intervention these children regularly go hungry, turn to lives of crime, succumb to preventable disease, or worse. Our Ugandan staff members live sacrificially to bring hope and a future to our orphans, abandoned children and community members. Even with no promise of pay, grueling work days and emotional and physical exhaustion, our Ugandan staff members are fiercely passionate about serving our needy Children and community people. Despite being highly educated, many of these gentle saints cannot feed or cloth their own families, much less afford a bicycle for the several mile trek to work. Yet each morning they return to Mercy Hands Uganda Center, eager to serve the people. Break the cycle of hopelessness by helping a child realize his or her full potential by becoming a Mercy Partner. The $30 per month will help the child get education. But if you choose to fully sponsor a child, we shall share with you what it costs.
  • Nutritious meals
  • First-rate education
  • Basic school supplies
  • Spiritual (Christ-centered) training
  • Basic medical and dental care
  • One school uniform and pair of shoes per year
  • One play outfit.
  • A bed, mattress, and mosquito net
  • One set of linens and a blanket
  • Basic hygiene products, including soap and toothbrushes
In return for your sponsorship, you will receive:
  • Information about your child, such as date of birth, history, and health status
  • An updated photo of your child once a year
  • Updates and/or letters from your child twice a year
  • The opportunity to send your child letters
  • Monthly updates from Mercy Hands Uganda