About Mercy Hands Uganda

Mercy Hands Uganda is a Christian Community-Based Non-Governmental Organization [NGO] in Uganda founded in 2003 intending to improve the livelihood of the most vulnerable, orphaned, and abandoned children in the community and the country at large. The Organization undertakes activities such as providing medical care, counseling and guidance, education support as well as equipping children and single mothers with life sustaining  skills, e.g. art crafts and many others (MHU) is a non Profit Organization registered by the Uganda Government  


Developing godly leaders in Uganda by overcoming darkness in the arears of faith, health and education.


Motivated by the love of God, our mission is to communicate the good news of salvation showing mercy and giving hope, to make a difference in the lives of struggling people in Uganda. We strive to meet  the needs for basic survival protection, and promote the interlectual and physical development of needy children, youths and adults HIV victims and elderly people  

The Problem

Uganda is currently facing significant problems of a social, health and economic nature. The most affected section of the population by these problems are unfortunately children. Orphaned by diseases and wars, abandoned by their parents and relatives or not enrolled in school, these children end up on the streets of mainly the major cities of Uganda becoming victims of circumstances. Many of them sadly end up on the wrong side of the law.


Poverty in the household and the onslaught of HIV/ AIDS is having an increasingly negative impact on Uganda.  Parents cannot afford to send their children to school due to the lack of disposable income and those that do go to school drop out before reaching higher levels of education, decreasing the literacy rate.  Even when primary schools do not charge school fees, parents often fail to meet other school requirements.  The rate at which children are being left as orphans is also increasing due to HIV/AIDS, wars and has left many children struggling to find food and shelter never mind the necessity of a basic education.  In Uganda, 13.1% of children under the age of 18 are considered orphans while 50% of the entire populations are children below the age of 18.


The negative effects of having a high population of orphaned children and school drop outs are many; girls resort to commercial sex and early marriages increasing their vulnerability to AIDS and unwanted pregnancies, while boys go to the streets and too often resort to criminal acts like theft, smoking, and drug use.  The need to change behavior and restore hope to marginalized children is immense; Ideally, the government should have the responsibility on all orphaned and street children but can also do so little because of the many pressing problems, many NGO/CBO's and churches have come up to address this salient problem but some of them have dropped out because of lack of resources, the problem being dependence on western support Many children have suffered due to Orphanages closing down and the effects of such are worse than when they first lived on the streets without help.


Mercy Hands Uganda intends to address this problem by contributing to the effort of preparing and equipping children to be responsible, healthy and above all God fearing

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